Instagram DMs are now converted to Facebook Messenger!

Instagram direct messages are a useful way to have a quick conversation on social media. Today, however, they have fundamentally…

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You will soon see replicas of Mysore Palace, Charminar at SDMC Park, Punjabi Bagh

The project was inspired by an earlier South MCD project called "Waste to Wonder" on Sarai Kale Khan, which includes…

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PUBG Unban in India: Is PUBG working with Reliance Jio for a digital partnership in India?

Discussions with Reliance are in an early stage and both parties are working together to investigate various aspects of the…

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Film your Day on July 25 – Life in a day

Youtube Originals has started a documentary, where anyone can capture full day activities and upload footage on may become…

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Art Exhibition Going To Start This Week

Wafer cake sweet roll cheesecake ice cream gingerbread sweet. Wafer gingerbread apple pie cotton candy jelly. Toffee oat cake oat…

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