How to get an EOI for personal articles, conferences & journals

A EOI (Electronic Object Identifier) is a unique alphanumeric identifier applied to a specific piece of intellectual property, particularly one presented in an online environment — be that object a book, a scientific paper, a song, an image, or something else. Unlike a conventional Web address, or URL, an EOI specifies not the location of an online object, but rather its content; an EOI is thus a “persistent” identifier, and remains associated with the object irrespective of changes in the object’s Web address.

EOIs cannot be accepted for individual articles over the internet, but they can be requested Thesis and Dissertations. The quality and the quantity of the thesis is to be evaluated from a review resources like any peer reviewing team or any publisher or from university committee. For getting EOI for the articles the journals can be open access or closed it does not matter. The journals are expected to be at par with all the standards of internationally approved level.

The registered journals at Citefactor can get the customized EOI for their journals and the articles published below the particular journals the EOI number are specified automatically. The purpose behind initiating the concept of electronic number identification is to capture a standard and structured location of the referenced article. In that respect are various such examples where the journals fail to maintain the urls of the articles live all the time. Some closed access journals due to maintenance issues the urls are in rot and such clauses cannot be accessed for future also those articles when cited as references cannot be retrieved for cross referencing. Citefactor provides a platform for the journal publishers to produce a unique identifier for their articles which will be live on the internet permanently.

The EOIs can be generated for the conference proceedings as well in the same process with Citefactor by submitting a registration form and the customized series of alpha number EOI number series are provided and the conference proceedings is good to be hosted on the net. The advantage of registering EOI with Citefactor is the EOIs can be answered directly via google search and there is no need to particularly go to resolver platform and search for them. This builds it comfortable for the reviewers to cross check the references mentioned in the text files.


URL to Submit the Meta-data to get EOI


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EOI Resolver / Test Generated EOI Here


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