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Delhi government instructs 50% of its non-essential service workers to work from home

On Saturday, the Delhi government issued work-from-home orders for 50% of its employees related to non-essential services and recommended private companies to follow the practice as much as possible in widespread COVID cases. 19 in the state capital.

Delhi Chief Secretary Vijay Dev and DDMA Executive Committee Chairman said in order that all government agencies, local bodies, public sector companies, corporations and local businesses in Delhi would work with level 1 or equivalent representatives and greater than 100 Percent.

The rest of the employees will be supervised up to 31 percent, depending on the requirements to be evaluated by the heads of the corresponding departments (the remaining 50 percent will work from home) until December 31, 2020 or until the first option . “has declared the DDMA command.

In private offices, it is recommended to postpone office hours, attendance and number of employees to reduce the number of employees present in the office at the same time. They are also advised to work from home whenever possible, he said.

In a tweet, Delhi Finance Minister Kailash Gahlot said: “The DDMA has decided to reduce the number of government employees visiting the office at the same time. First grade officials only visit 50% of the staff. Offices Private should also have staff schedules and assistance to move. “

The Delhi government’s Treasury Ministry’s proposal to reduce the presence of non-essential services personnel in offices to 50% was submitted for approval on Friday by the Deputy Governor, also chairman of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA ). Gahlot said.

L-G Anil Baijal accepted the proposal on Saturday.

“The department heads will decide how to implement it based on their manpower requirements,” Gahlot told PTI.

Officials say the measure, which applies to all government employees in Delhi, with the exception of civil servants in Grade 1 and above, is aimed at reducing the number of non-essential service workers in offices due to the pandemic. of Covid19.

The proposal was made on November 25, by order of the Union Ministry of the Interior, to consider measures to reduce the number of workers in government offices through various measures to ensure social distancing. A. declared official.

The proposal does not apply to departments involved in essential services, including health, police, home security and civil protection, district councils, fire departments, electricity and water, and community utilities, among others, the official said.

However, the proposal also includes other government agencies in Delhi, autonomous authorities, public sector units, businesses and local authorities associated with non-essential services.

Heads of relevant departments and agencies will create a schedule for the allocation of office hours and employees needed for work purposes, the agent said.

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