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Google Maps no longer has to guess how busy your traffic lane is.

Knowing when a public space or subway car is crowded these days isn’t just for convenience, it can save lives. That’s why Google offers its update maps that now provide real-time congestion information for your local transit line. In addition, the company says it is now providing time information for 20 million locations around the world to avoid crowds.

Google has been helping users locate bus, train, or subway lines for more than a year, but it provides predictions rather than real-time data. Today’s update changes that, through effective crowdsourcing, it moves through compatible phones.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Since many of us will be spending the next few months indoors, Google also offers real-time tracking on the go. If you ordered using the Google Maps app and you live in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil, or India, you can track your food from the kitchen to your front door. The platform now also offers expected wait times and estimated shipping costs from Google Maps.

At the same time, Google is finally introducing Map Assistant Driving Mode, a feature originally tested at I / O 2019. As you drive, your phone becomes a base screen where you can see where you are going, reply to messages, and listen to music. . All you have to do is use your voice to tell Google to open the assistant settings and turn on the Driving View.

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