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Facebook introduces new messaging features on Instagram and Messenger.

Facebook is rolling out three new features for Instagram and Messenger that make connecting with people on social platforms more exciting, according to a blog post Wednesday.

  • Watch Together: This feature allows users to watch TV shows and movies in real time through video chat.
  • Chat topics, such as Tie-Dye and Love, so that users can personalize their conversations.
  • Disappearing mode: missing messages disappear after leaving a thread.

The first feature, Watch Together, is now available.

As soon as a user updates their app on Instagram, they and their friends can access IGTV, roles, TV shows, movies, and trending videos in real time via video chat.

“We are also offering two new shows,” Post Malones Celebrity World Pong League “and” Here for It With Avani Gregg, “exclusively on Messenger and Instagram through Watch Together,” the post said.

How can you watch the shows?
Start a video chat on Instagram or Messenger, or create a messaging room.

In an Instagram video chat, press the media button in the lower right corner and select the TV & Movies tab.

In a Messenger video chat, swipe up to access the menu, select Watch together, and then select the TV & Movies tab.

From there, you can choose from a variety of videos and other content, including Avani and Post Shows.

“The second feature is chat topics like tie-dye and love, so you can personalize your conversations,” the post read. “And we are adding a special chat topic on Messenger and Instagram with TinyTAN, a group of characters created from the seven members of BTS.

Once a user updates the new experience, they can activate the TinyTAN chat theme on Instagram and Messenger.

“Express your affection for emojis, share your favorite songs from the new album, or customize your message reactions to match your perfect TinyTAN-themed cat,” he says.

You can enable TinyTAN chat theme on Instagram and Messenger in your chat settings by tapping Theme and selecting TinyTAN.

The third feature, Disappearing mode, is coming soon and will make visible messages disappear after exiting a thread.

Sometimes a post is spontaneous, something you want to share now without worrying about its persistence.

Now you can send memes, GIFs, or reactions to share what you really think but can’t always say without leaving it in your chat history.

Simply slide your finger over an existing thread to activate it, and it will be in Disappearing mode. Swipe up again and you will return to your usual chat.

The disappearing feature is available to Messenger users in the US and will be rolled out in European countries soon, Facebook said, adding that it will soon be available on Instagram.

View Together and Chat Themes are just two of ten new messaging features, including selfie stickers, custom emoji reactions, animated message effects, and message controls that are now available worldwide to anyone who wants them. Update the new Messenger experience on Instagram.

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