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Delhi Metro and SBI card launch multipurpose automatic recharge card

Today, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in cooperation with the SBI card has launched the Delhi Metro – SBI card. This versatile credit card was introduced for the benefit of the Delhi metro travelers. According to DMRC, this Delhi Metro SBI multipurpose card allows users to use it as a smart card and automatically recharge when the card balance falls below Rs 100, and when this credit card is provided, the card is automatically reloaded from the linked card or with a recharge of Rs 200 charged to the user’s bank account.

In addition to this feature, this combo card can also be used for all common credit card transactions, according to the DMRC.

According to DMRC MD Mangu Singh, this initiative is in line with the company’s commitment to helping digital readers promote cashless transactions among commuters in the Delhi metro. Delhi Metro believes that this multipurpose Delhi Metro SBI card can be a vital tool in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic to enable safe metro travel.

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