International Relations, a dispute over the Mediterranean sea

Greece and Turkey, the NATO members, have a dispute over the eastern Mediterranean region. It started after Ankara unilaterally sent a seismic survey vessel for oil and gas exploration in the area. If Ankara does not refrain from future actions, the European Union will impose sanctions on Turkey for violating International laws. The sanctions include a travel ban and a halt of EU funds.

Turkey is an essential partner of the European Union. Greece and Turkey have been engaged in the dispute for a long time over the maritime control. The Greek island in the Mediterranean region is very close to the continental territory of Turkey. So, this became the primary region for the dispute between two NATO countries. Greece requested all the NATO countries to impose sanctions on Turkey.

The president of the European Council said that “they want to create a political dialogue with Turkey to bring peace in the region”. The dialogue can only take place when Turkey stops taking unilateral action in the Mediterranean region. Due to COVID-19, mostly all the countries are facing the medical and economic crisis. In such a situation, Turkey should make a wise decision to de-escalate the conflict in the region.

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