Blood group O less susceptible to Covid, A, and AB with higher risk: study

Researchers want to show why a pandemic is deadly for some and not others.
New research suggests that people with blood type O are less likely to contract the new coronavirus. With this blood type, the risk of developing serious symptoms, including organ failure, is also reduced.

However, people with blood groups A and AB are more susceptible to infections.

The results of two separate studies should explain why the virus is deadly for some while others don’t even know they have it.

The study was published in the journal Blood Advances.

Changes in red blood cells can help determine the severity of Covid-19:


First study

The first team collected information from Danish health registry data from more than 4.73,000 people who found Covid-19 positive, out of a total population of 2.2 million.

The results showed that there were less positive results in people with blood type O, more frequently, while the pairs of type A and AB were the most susceptible. The infection rates were similar in these three groups.

The trends were unchanged after the researchers considered ethnicity, which affects the distribution of blood types.

Scientists Discover Five Blood Molecules Linked to Severe Covid-19 Outcome in Patients

Lead author Dr Torben Barington from Odense University Hospital said in a statement: “It is very important to consider the appropriate control group as the prevalence of blood type can vary widely between ethnic groups and different countries.

He added: “We have the advantage of having a strong control group: Denmark is a small, ethnically homogeneous country with a public health system and a central registry of laboratory data. Therefore, our monitoring is population-based, which gives our results a solid foundation. “”

Second study

In the second study, researchers examined 95 critically ill Covid-19 patients at a Vancouver hospital.

They found that blood types A and AB had a higher risk of severe symptoms than those with O or B.

Researchers have observed that patients of these blood groups are more likely to be exposed to mechanical ventilation. This suggested they had a higher rate of lung damage from the virus and dialysis from kidney failure.

These patients were also at increased risk of organ dysfunction or failure due to Covid-19.

The researchers also found that people with blood types A and AB did not have long hospital stays. However, they stayed in the intensive care unit longer on average.

It could also indicate an increased severity of Covid-19, the Canadian team said.

Lead author Dr Mypinder Sekhon from the University of British Columbia said: “The unique part of our study is that we are focusing on the effect of blood type severity on Covid-19. “”

The researchers stated in their study: “We have observed this lung and kidney damage, and in future studies we would like to highlight the effects of blood types and Covid-19 on other vital organs. Of particular importance is that as we continue to manage the pandemic, we have a large number of survivors leaving the acute part of Covid-19. However, we must examine the mechanisms by which we can risk layering these heads

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