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The use of mobile phones while driving is only allowed for route navigation.

New Delhi: The use of cell phones while driving is only allowed for navigation purposes, the trade union ministry of road and highway transport said on Saturday. In addition, the central government has arranged to keep the vehicle documents on all online portals.

As of October 1, the ministry announced changes to the central regulations for motor vehicles, which facilitate the implementation of electronic applications and the maintenance of vehicle documents through computer portals such as Digi-locker or m-parivahan this year.

“The use of computer services and electronic surveillance will lead to a better application of traffic regulations in the country and will lead to the elimination of the hassles for drivers and made easier for citizens,” said a statement from the Ministry of Transport.

“The use of portable communication devices while driving is intended to be used only for navigating the route, so as not to disturb the driver’s concentration while driving,” he added.

The new regulations are part of the 2019 Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, which was passed in August 2019.

According to the notification issued, information about driving licenses that have been disqualified or revoked by the granting authority is chronologically recorded on the portal and these records are periodically displayed on the portal.

According to the Ministry, steps have been taken for the process of creating and obtaining certificates in physical and electronic form, as well as for the validity and issuance of these documents. The date and time of the inspection and the identity of the agent are also recorded in the portal.

“It was foreseen that the physical forms of these documents should not be verified if it is found that the details of the documents have been electronically validated by the law enforcement officer, even in cases where there is a crime involving the seizure of these documents, ”the ministry said.

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