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On September 30, Google unveiled a duo of new smartphones with the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5G. The company also introduced a new Nest Audio smart speaker and a new Chromecast with a Google TV interface. Now, the company is about to release a major update for one of its most popular apps/services: Google Photos.

Today, Google introduces a new user interface for Google Photo on Android. It promises to make it easy to edit your image. In addition to the new editor, the company is also adding new suggestion features. The application code uses machine learning to enable a new smart suggestion feature. If you know the Google Photos app, you know that it is one of the coolest and smartest apps on Google. It can recognize faces, places, and even animals.


The update includes a new “Tips” tab in the photo editing menu. You can automatically make changes to the photo displayed. As mentioned above, the user interface is much more intuitive. You can also make your own changes to a photo. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the changes made in Google’s machine learning, just tap to edit the image yourself.

The “Tips” function automatically adjusts certain aspects of the image. Change brightness levels, contrast, and also portrait effects. It also enhances images and there is a color burst feature. This special function converts the background to black and white and keeps the subject in color. This is a great way to create a unique portrait. The moment has come. However, according to Google, more features will come to the Google Photos app on Pixel devices in the future. While the company specifically says “Pixel Devices,” we won’t be surprised to find that these features are available on all Android phones, even through a Pixel Experience port or ROM.

The editor user interface has larger buttons and a slider below the name of the optimization you are using. It looks like the editor where you can find the Apple Photos app for iOS. The controls are easier to understand, so users can edit and adjust their photos seamlessly. Google also introduced a new vertical light feature that comes with the new Pixel smartphones. You can adjust the lighting of faces in portraits. According to the company, it can be applied to photos that were not taken in portrait mode.

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