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Apple starts to provide a new fitness service

Apple has unveiled a new workout and fitness service with the upcoming devices. This includes a new fitness+ subscription for Apple watch series six users and iPad users. The fitness+ generates and records the data recorded form the apple watch are then displays it on a larger screen. This program can also work with previously available apps for IOS devices.

Fitness apps like Peloton, Les Mills, and Fiit can work with the service efficiently. This platform is also rumoured to be seen in the iPhone devices in the upcoming versions. The fitness+ will be a substantial competitor for Fitbit. Fitbit has its benefits that attract consumers. For this, Apple has installed personalized planning of the workout. This service allows the user to compare its workout routine with others. The fitness+ is launched until the end of 2020 in the UK and US.

The initial countries that can use this service also include four more states. The price of the service will be around 10 euros for a monthly subscription. Also, you can take a year’s subscription for 80 euros. Besides, you can share your subscription with your family members; this is a bonus provided by Apple. Apple provides a combined service named Apple One. This plan includes iCloud, Apple Music, video games, and fitness+. You can use the service for a fee for a monthly cost of 30 euro.

Other combined plans are provided by apple that charge even less hat 30 euro. The fitness+ platform offers ten different categories of workouts that are included without any equipment. Also, the price is for the entire family can be very attractive for IOS users. This has been said by the consultancy service situated in Silicon Valley. Oxygen saturation The fitness+ service in Apple series six watches include an oxygen saturation meter. This meter records the amount of SpO2 that is being simulated in the body. This helps the user to mage the effects causing in the lungs and heart.

Apple says that this feature is effectively used for medical problems. But this is also mentioned that it is not meant for such use directly. Other companies like Samsung, Fitbit, and Huawei also prove this facility. But their facility needs the approval of local medical laws and regulations.

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