COVID-19 and weddings

Not only do two individuals get united at a wedding, but also two families. Everyone has dreams and goals about their big day. Weddings are the most significant event in people’s lives. Weddings call for social gatherings, and that used to be fun and exciting, but not now. COVID-19 has affected the entire world. The world is scared of how deadly the virus can turn out to be since we are not fully informed and aware of this. Any unknown thing is scary due to its unpredictability. There is no vaccine available until now, and that makes it worse.

It gets transmitted to people who are situated close. That is why social distancing must be maintained. When people talk, sneeze, or cough, droplets, coming out from their mouth, get spread into the air. If these droplets, from an infected person, get inhaled by someone else, they are likely to develop the same infection. So wearing masks is necessary to avoid inhaling these droplets.  People should stay at home and should stay away from other people. People tend to spread the disease before even knowing that they are the ones carrying it. Nowadays, new data is coming out that the virus may be airborne, which, if true, is much more dangerous. 

Crowd and gatherings are no more exciting or fun. Instead, it is just scary. Currently, the entire world is under threat. COVID-19 has not only affected a lot of people but also has changed our mentality. People are afraid of leaving outside and prefer staying indoors. This feeling of constant consciousness and fear has become the “new normal” now.

Due to the global pandemic, most marriages got delayed. People who have already postponed their marriage can get a lot of extra time to plan their wedding much nicely. The post-pandemic weddings are going to be different from how weddings used to be before this COVID-19 situation. Maintaining a social distance will now be considered the “new normal,” so weddings will be more intimate and small. Top-grade hygiene standards need to be maintained to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.

Organizing a social gathering is tiring and hectic. Weddings, even under normal circumstances, are treacherous. The safe conduction of a wedding ceremony after a global pandemic is challenging. A slight mistake and everything can go wrong.  People need to check on every detail before organizing a wedding in this situation. People can expect a rise in the budget due to the incorporation of the safety norms. People should hire a bunch of professionals who can take all the necessary measures to be incorporated. 

After this pandemic, it is natural that people will be eager to socialize among themselves. Simultaneously, somewhere in the back of their mind, they will be keen on maintaining certain norms for safety. Arranging a wedding during this pandemic is not just physically hectic but also mentally tiring. Weddings are already chaotic, and in situations like these, people will not even think twice before blaming you if anything goes wrong. That is just because everyone is scared and new to this. There are various precautionary measures and tips that people can incorporate on their wedding day. Let’s see some of those.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

In most cases, weddings take place in indoor venues. Due to the lack of space, it results in a mass gathering and crowd. Maintaining social distance in an indoor wedding venue is nearly impossible. An outdoor space means an abundance of space, and thus it will ease the maintaining of social distance. 

Spatial Table Arrangements

A spatial table arrangement can be a game-changer in a situation like this. Large tables and limited seats are a wise option to let people maintain distance among people. For example, only four guests should be allowed to a table of 8. This will ensure safety and keep the guests comfortable. 

No Buffet

Buffets are the main attraction at weddings, but this has to change. Even if someone plans not to change it, they should ensure contactless servings. Queue near the buffet counters should not happen at any cost. The caterers should take food ingredients and other raw materials from trustworthy suppliers to ensure the utmost hygiene. 

Virtual wedding in the future

Since everything is getting digitalized, why not weddings. Marriages may be live-streamed in the future. Destination weddings will no longer be a trend. Couples will now mostly go for weddings in their hometown. So, relatives who stay far might want to be a part of the wedding virtually. 

Topnotch Hygiene Standards

There must be an abundance of hand napkins, and sanitizers at each point of the venue. Guests should sanitize their hands just when they enter the wedding venue. All the guests should have all the protective and cleaning equipment at their respective tables. An ample amount of hand washes and sanitizers should be present in all the washrooms to ensure the utmost cleanliness. Prevention of overcrowding in the loo is a must, and thus the guests should be allotted a waiting area, where they can maintain social distance.

The venues should be entirely sanitized both before and after the wedding. The photographers, makeup artists, and every person associated with the wedding must follow the hygiene norms. The photographers must bring a team of a few people to cover the wedding and not a big one. Last but not least, people should wear masks. 

Getting Used to the COVID-19 Culture

Hugs, handshakes, etc. are all symbols of affection and love. These are quite common in social gatherings. These need to change, and now people should accept this culture and get used to it. Photo sessions, gift exchange, etc. may not be opted for anymore. Lastly, we still don’t know everything about it, and we all are learning every day about this virus. 

Everything is going to change. Our daily lives are going to get different. Adjusting to an entirely new culture must be tough. Especially older people must find it difficult and have a hard time getting accustomed to the new norms. But this culture has to be incorporated for a safer tomorrow. As we learn more about this virus, we may use safer ways to deal with it in the future.  

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